What’s the sexiest car at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show?

Rimac Concept_OneWhat’s the sexiest car at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show? No, it’s not the Aston Martin V12 Zagato nor the Jaguar C-X16 Concept! No, not the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept either, though all those cars are quite sexy too! No, it’s a sublime creation from some Croatian engineering boffins and it’s an electric vehicle!

Yeah, I know, an EV. Being a true blue petrol head I haven’t been sold on that or hybrids for that matter, but darn it, I wouldn’t mind driving one of the 88 Rimac Concept_One EV super cars that will be built (hopefully the production version will have a better name :) )!

Not only has it the esthetic appearance to appeal to a petrol head, it’s also pretty powerful at almost 1,000 bmp! And it’s pretty quick, going from zero to 62mph in just 2.8 seconds! Not bad for an EV, hey? All that power comers from four electric motors with one at each wheel. Each motor has its own inverter and reduction gearbox so each motor can operate completely independently of the others.
The car is the brainchild of Mate Rimac, a young Croatian engineer. It began with Rimac modifying a BMW M3, converting it to an electric vehicle. Then he went racing with it! Seems the future of car modifications may just be field in electrical engineering!

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