About Us

The modified Datsun Stanza rally car

The Datsun Stanza Rally Car   (circa. 1990)

Custom-car.us is an independent web site created by four car crazy cousins that have been messing about with motors since the early 1980's. The four first began modifying motor cars in 1988 when they built and raced a Datsun 510 (aka Datsun 1600 SSS) Rally car. In 1989 the 510 was replaced by a Datsun Stanza before life intervened.

Mark (aka 'Langer') is the most experienced motor mechanic of the four and is a senior technician at a Mitsubishi franchise. As such, Mark is a Mitsubishi specialist with experience on Ford and Mazda, but is Toyota man and currently drives a Toyota Corolla. As a Mitsubishi technician, Mark has helped build and service several Group N Mitsubishi EVO rally cars.

The modified rally car in action

The Datsun Stanza Rally Car in action.

Henry (aka 'Double H') has a vast experience in modifying various engines, having help build VW Rally cars and Honda Group N race cars in addition to the two Datsun Rally cars. He also serves as a pit crew member for various privateer race teams. Henry was a senior service advisor in the Truck Division at Mercedes Benz before he and Brent moved on to start their own company.

Brent (aka 'Bre') is a Nissan man through and through and is the driving force behind custom-car.us. He has modified various Datsun and Nissan cars, including the two Rally cars, a Nissan R30 Skyline Stock car, a Datsun 710 street racer and a Datsun B210 (aka Datsun 160Z) street racer which he still owns, along with a Datsun 720 pick-up truck and a 3.3L Nissan Frontier. Brent is currently self-employed and serves as the chief editor and Webmaster for custom-car.us.

Ian (aka Ian 'Slacker') is the youngest of the four but is just as car crazy as the rest. He has an affinity for VW cars and Honda Civics, although he also drove a Toyota Corolla at one time. He currently drives a highly modified Honda Accord which he regularly lets loose on the drag stip. Ian also has a certain affinity for all things bling and shiny and often spends his free time building housings for this latest set of subwoofers and installing some more ICE!